Sunday, November 25, 2012

On the Road: The Eastern Sierra Scenic Byway

“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road."
~Jack Kerouac
The Mojave Desert
On Wednesday, the Merry Husband and I packed up the Subaru and drove up Highway 395 through deserts and forests, valleys and mountains.  The highway bisects little frontier towns like Lone Pine, Independence, Bishop, and Bridgeport.  I half expected to see the ghosts of Jack Kerouac and his Dharma Bums eating slices of apple pie in road-side diners or hitchhiking to the next outpost of civilization.

Lone Pine

Kerouac and his friends used these towns as base camps for their hikes through the Sierra mountains.

At 14,505 feet, Mt. Whitney (left) is the highest peak in the Lower 48.
We sped past Manzanar, where over 100,000 Japanese Americans (including several of my aunts and uncles) were interned during World War II.  

A watchtower at Manzanar.
We had a lovely lunch at Whiskey Creek in Bishop, and stopped to admire the view at Lake Crowley.  Then, all at once, we were surrounded by trees.

We took a detour to Mammoth Lakes, where the ski slopes were packed.

And another to Silver Lake, where it seemed we were the only people in the world.

Finally, we arrived in Incline Village, on the shores of Lake Tahoe, just before sunset.

In Los Angeles, it's so easy to forget just how close and accessible the wild places are.  Today at lunch, the Merry Husband and I wondered why we don't go to the National Parks more often.  I think Big Sur is calling.


  1. What gorgeous photos. I think I could live in Incline so easily.
    Sounds like a fun trip.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I think we'd move there in a heartbeat.

  2. Oh that is stunning, I must show this to hubs, LA is our favourite place and this would make a great trip.
    And isn't BIg Sur just beautiful?

    Oh your word verification took 8 tries to get right, more folk will comment if you take it off!

    1. Tabitha, thank you so much for your comment! I didn't realize I had the word verification on - I've turned it off. :)

      Love your blog!

  3. I have SUCH a fondness for scenery like that - jealous! So gorgeous. I spent longer than I care to mention staring longingly at your pictures!!

    1. You're too sweet, aMk! Of course, you have great scenery in your neck of the woods too. My husband moved to L.A. from Boston, and always goes on and on about the seasons and the leaves. :D


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