Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Keep or Return? Decisions, decisions...

Every year in mid-November, I have a Diana Vreeland moment.  "Merry Wife," I say to myself, "Why don't you...make homemade and thoughtful Christmas gifts for all your coworkers?"

I'm not sure why I feel compelled to foist cheese straws or bath bombs on my lovely colleagues, who frankly would prefer Starbucks gift cards. Luckily for them, I invariably procrastinate until the last possible moment come to my senses and rush around the Del Amo mall like a madwoman the evening before everyone is scheduled to go on vacation.

This year I rush-ordered bracelets for the women in my office from Banana Republic.  I ordered an extra one for myself, and am now having second thoughts.

Here's the photo from the website.

Banana Republic Leather Lock Bracelet
And here it is on me.

I expected it to be somehow bolder. Chunky and cuff-like. This feels more like a watch without the dial.

Well, I suppose something should be thinner than expected during the holidays.


  1. All I can see are terribly elegant young hands - I have hand envy.

  2. Well Tabitha and MW, I have hand, hair and figure envy!

    I made mince pies this evening or my co-workers. I think they will like them. At least I hope they will!

    1. Your co-workers will love them. I'm sure they will be wonderful.

      Enjoy your vacation!


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